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Circus Animals' Adventure Write Me A Story

Children can experience the joys of creative writing with our Circus Animals' Adventure Write Me A Story!

This kit has everything your little author needs to create an imaginative story book they can hold onto forever. Each of the 50 pages in this book features 4 spaces at the top for stickers and lines below where your little one can write their tale.

The 96 beautiful included stickers feature events, scenery, and characters to inspire your child's story. Your youngster can choose to write multiple short stories or one long saga.

There's no telling what silly stories your child will come up with, accidents and escapades are bound to happen at the circus... especially with these mischievous characters and exciting props!

This whimsical kit was lovingly designed by Brandon Reese at eeBoo in New York City and received the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Award Gold.

  • Recommended for kids 3 years and older
  • Book measures 12 inches x 10 inches
  • Includes 50 perforated pages and 96 stickers; cloth spine
  • Designed in New York City by the talented artists at eeBoo
  • Made in China

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