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Ball Track Sound Staircase

Remember the xylophone; that fun, delicate musical instrument where each bar struck a different note?

Add that same colorful music to your child's ball track set with our HABA Ball Track Sound Staircase, a 5-note xylophone designed in a stair formation for marbles to roll down. As each marble tumbles onto a step, it strikes a cheerful sound from the staircase, then goes on to the next.

Sound Staircase Ball Track set also includes a bell, redirection block, and 6 marbles.

  • Recommended for children 3 years and older
  • Integrates with our Ball Track Construction Marble Run Set
  • Includes 1 sound staircase, 1 bridge with bell, 1 redirection block, and 6 marbles
  • Made of untreated beech wood
  • Lovingly designed in Germany by our talented friends at HABA
  • Made in Germany

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