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Domino Set (Large)

Our incredible Domino Set (Large) makes for a wonderful gift for kids ages three to ten years. Sixty-one dominoes can be configured in endless combinations and fun accessories included in the set add excitement to the domino path. Eight untreated wood blocks allow your little one to add ramps, see-saws, and tunnels along with the six marbles. We love the colorful dominos as they can be set up in fun patterns and designs. This domino set can be combined with any Haba ball track set allowing our Domino Set to grow with your child. This great toy was made in Germany by Haba.


  • Recommended For Kids Ages 3 To 10 Years Old
  • Includes 61 dominos, 8 blocks, 6 building clamps, 2 wheel clamps, 2 conveyor wheels, 2 metal rods with eyelet, and 6 marbles
  • Made of Sustainable Wood
  • Lovingly Designed In Germany By Haba
  • Made in Germany

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