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Rhino Hero Card Stacking Game

Rhino Hero needs your help! Can you build the tower-climbing super hero a tall enough structure without it falling down? If not, our masked hero won't be able to protect the citizens!

This best-selling 3-D card-stacking game challenges 2-5 players to construct the tallest skyscraper possible, without letting Rhino Hero's antics and adventures knock it down. It's a tricky and delicate test of balance!

Game includes 31 roof cards, 28 wall cards, 1 foundation card and 1 Rhino Hero figure.

This unique award-winning game from HABA of Germany is the recipient of the Major Fun! Award and the Mr. Dad Seal of Approval.

  • Fun Play for Ages 5 to 99
  • For 2 to 5 Players
  • Easy Rules Allow Immediate Play
  • Designed by HABA in Germany; Printed in China
  • Measures 7.1 x 4.7 x 1.6 Inches 

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