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Kapla Kapla Block Set - 40 Piece Yellow

Kapla Block Set - 40 Piece Yellow


The building possibilities are endless with our incredible Kapla building blocks. Gravity will take its course as your child builds creations that would seemingly require glue to remain intact. This heir-loom quality block set fosters creative, independent play. Whether these blocks are formed into a spider or a tree, we're positive that your child will have a wonderful time building. Each of the forty rectangular blocks in this collection are done in a yellow coloring and can be organized neatly in their wooden box. Kapla blocks are finely sanded, mathematically precise pine planks created from wood harvested in a renewable pine forest in the South of France. Combine with other Kapla sets for increased building possibilities and color options. Kapla also offers books with instructions for both beginner and advanced builders.

  • Recommended For Kids 3 - 8 Years Old
  • Made of 100% untreated wood harvested from the pine forests of Les Landes, a natural renewable forest situated in the southwest of France. Coated with non-toxic dyes.
  • Designed in France by Tom van der Bruggen for Kapla
  • Made in Morocco