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Waldorf Gugguli Doll - Embroidered Red

Our Waldorf Gugguli Doll - Embroidered Red is lovingly made by hand in Latvia in the tradition of Waldorf education where each child's imagination and creativity are inspired by simply designed toys made of all-natural materials. This beautiful doll is made of all natural materials with a soft fleece 100% cotton body lightly stuffed with sheep's wool. The face has been hand painted with a sweet, simple smile and dot eyes.

A particularly unique and thoughtful gift for newborns and babies, our Waldorf Gugguli Doll - Embroidered Red will be cherished and huggable for years!

  • Recommended for children 0 months and older
  • Measures 11 inches
  • 100% cotton lightly stuffed with sheep's wool
  • Hand painted dot eyes and mouth
  • Machine wash on low temperature delicate cycle with like colors, tumble dry on low, delicate setting or hang to dry
  • Lovingly designed in Germany by our talented friends at Kathe Kruse
  • Made in Latvia

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