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Playable Art Ball

Have a ball with our new PlayableArt Ball!

It's a toy, a puzzle, and a piece of art all-in-one.

Designed in Germany, children, teens, and adults alike will all enjoy creating and puzzling with this award-winning wooden toy. 

The PlayableArt Ball features 20 interconnected balls in rainbow hues, that can be manipulated and twisted into an infinite variety of shapes.

Young children will be mesmerized, discovering how the balls can be twisted and maneuvered every which way. A great toy for long car rides, or to bring along to a restaurant to keep children occupied.

Older children and adults will enjoy the added challenge of manipulating the wooden balls to try to replicate the different shapes illustrated on the package.

Whatever shape you ultimately end up with, this wooden puzzle is a striking work of art that makes a statement – whether in a child's room or on top of an executive's desk!

Ages 3 and up.

Included by Cool Mom Picks in their feature "Coolest Gifts for 3-Year-Olds."

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