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Wooden Bat House Kit

Don't be fooled by scary movies! Bats are actually very helpful and friendly creatures that can greatly assist in controlling pesky insects such as mosquitoes in your backyard. Did you know that most bat species are insectivores and some can even catch over 600 mosquitoes in one hour!

Europeans have been using bats since the 1900's to eliminate mosquito populations by constructing bat houses. TWC in Wisconsin has taken a cue from our friends across the pond and has developed this full-sized, single-cell Wooden Bat House that will accommodate up to 30 bats depending on the species. When properly placed, most bat houses will be occupied within one year. 

This kit is easy to assemble and install as nail holes are pre-drilled. Easy enough for children to assemble, this bat house is designed with durability that will last for years. Once completed, this bat house can be decorated with paint or left to weather to a light gray color.

  • Recommended for ages 8 years and older
  • Made of 3/4" sanded pine and exterior grade plywood
  • Measures 18" x 11.75" x 2" assembled
  • Made in the USA by Ento Products for TWC



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