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Black-and-White Collection Art Flashcards

Treat your little one to a visual display that will stimulate her growing mind with this set of Black-and-White Collection Art Flashcards from Wee Gallery.

Created by an artist and teacher couple, this boxed set of child-friendly cards features large, high-contrast images of favorite black and white animals - a skunk, lemur, penguin, panda, Dalmatian dog, and anteater.

Each card measures 5" by 7" and is perfect for decorating baby's crib or using as flashcards to introduce the animals.

  • Printed on Sturdy Board
  • Finished with Matte Lamination and Child-Friendly Rounded Corners
  • Recommended for Newborns and Older
  • Designed in the USA by Surya and Dave Pinto of Wee Gallery
  • Printed in China

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