World Immunization Week 2015

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It's World Immunization Week so we thought we would pass along an informative infographic developed by UNICEF.

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Let The Children Play

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10 Ideas For Springtime Outdoor Play

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It's no secret that kids are playing outside less and less. If you are looking for a few ideas to get your kids moving outside, don't miss our top 10 ideas for springtime outdoor play.

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Tips For A Fun, Eco-Friendly Easter Basket

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Start off with a perfect basket for each child. Whether all-natural or brightly colored, create the perfect place to stow Easter treats and treasures. For an eco-friendly, cost effective alternative to store-bought baskets, try a handwoven bolga swing basket that is sturdy and can be used year round in pretend play or toting blocks and other treasures.

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The Astonishing Value Of Block Play

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Wooden Blocks

We recently heard an inspiring journalistic piece on the Morning Edition of National Public Radio (NPR) -- Behold the Humble Block!  We've long touted the benefits of block play, and we were delighted to have our philosophy validated once again! 

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Eco-Kids ~ Giveaway + 10% Off!

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To celebrate the launch of Eco-Kids, Oompa is pleased to offer an Eco-Kids gift basket to one lucky winner! The gift basket consists of Eco Dough, Eco-Finger Paint, Eco-Paint Brushes, and Eco-Art Pad Drawing Paper.

Giveaway details...

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Revel In The Magic Of Play Silks!

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One of our favorite playthings here at Oompa is our beautiful array of play silks by Sarah's Silks. Pure magic is not an overstatement! Play silks transform into anything you can imagine -- a king's cape, fairy wings, a mermaid's tail!

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